A New Way To Care

Bringing families together for optimal care
At every step of the dementia care process
Addressing educational and critical tasks of effective care
Preparing families for predictable care transitions, while avoiding crises
Web, tablet and smartphone accessible
Building, engaging, and sustaining the care team
Developing an individual plan responding to changing needs
Million People With Alzheimer's
Million Caregivers For Alzheimer's
Billion Dollars Spent Out Of Pocket In US Alone

With You And Your Family

To access MemoryCarePartner© follow this link www.memorycarepartner.com


A Proven Model

MemoryCarePartner© is based on a framework developed by leaders in Alzheimer's care and research. Redirect your family's time and resources from crisis care to proactive and preventative care.

Our Team

Meet the members of the talented team working to revolutionize the way you care for your family and friends with Alzheimer's disease

Norman Foster, MD
Norman Foster, MD


30+ years of committed work to developing new methods of more effectively providing care for memory disorders and dementing diseases.

Troy Andersen, PhD
Troy Andersen, PhD

VP Product Development

PhD in Social Work with emphasis in developing proactive dementia care services and other aging related topics.

Ed Zamrini, MD
Ed Zamrini, MD

Director of User Engagement

30+ years of experience in clinical care, education and research for Alzheimer’s and related neurodegenerative diseases.

    Karen Mara
    Karen Mara


    Over 25 years of experience in health care administration and has managed multi-center NIH clinical trials.

    Valerio Pascucci, PhD
    Valerio Pascucci, PhD

    Advanced Technology Advisor

    Expert in massive data management and analytics, visualization and computing.

    Jeanine Stefanucci, PhD
    Jeanine Stefanucci, PhD

    Usability expert

    Specialization is human factors and engineering psychology. Over 15 years of research including usability studies.

    Andrea Dremann, JD
    Andrea Dremann, JD

    Director of Operations

    Has practiced law and worked in project management for more than 24 years.

    Troy D'Ambrosio
    Troy D'Ambrosio

    Business Advisor

    The executive director of the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, and assistant dean at the David Eccles School of Business.