MemoryCarePartner is a Caregiving tool focused on the families of those with memory concerns. In many cases these memory concerns lead to the diagnosis of a cognitive disorder, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Over 70% of caregiving responsibilities in this population falls on untrained and ill-equipped family members.

For our users this web and mobile technology extends the expertise and care of world class health professionals – to their fingertips. The tools are based on Proactive Dementia Care which incorporates Education, Task Management, and a unified Care Team to redirect the family’s time and resources from crisis management to quality of life.

For our customers the web and mobile tools will provide a resource for members and customers to better manage the complexities of a chronic disease. It will allow caregivers to receive education and training to keep patients out of emergency situations through a transition from crisis care to proactive care. It will facilitate communication that can mitigate conditions that in other situations may have led to costly physician visits, overburden and depression, and loss of productivity.

For our partners this platform provides a very authentic look at what today’s caregivers and family’s are experiencing when dealing with the difficult nature of cognitive disorders. It also provides a unique opportunity for service providers to both educate users and advertise services to a large and targeted segment that have traditionally been hard to identify