MemoryCarePartner Tutorial

MemoryCarePartner Web Application Tutorial

MemoryCare Partner provides an expert step-by-step guide for those concerned about memory loss in a family member. It helps navigate the complicated process of seeking medical advice, getting a definitive diagnosis and providing the highest quality care. This personalized program forms care teams and answers your key questions and concerns.

The Care Journey is your home base. In your Care Timeline are posts with videos, tasks, care tips and questionnaires. Click on any to get started. As you progress, new articles appear on top, but you can begin anywhere.

MemoryCarePartner starts the conversation, even if it seems difficult, or family members live far apart. A strong and engaged team is a powerful way to provide the best care! Invite others to your care team and share MemoryCarePartner here. After accepted your invitation, all will have access to the same information. Share thoughts and experiences, help each other, and plan for the future together.

In Learn Library you can explore topics in depth that are of most interest. You will find practical, expert advice in one place. Investigate other issues and discover new ideas that prepare you and your family for the future. 

Some posts in your Care Timeline take you to the Action Plan. Here MemoryCarePartner suggests important tasks, or you can create your own. Share and assign tasks and set deadlines. With MemoryCarePartner’s personalized road map, care crises are prevented and life becomes more enjoyable – Learn, Care, Plan, Together.